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About Us

Welcome to One Source Design Studio! We love design! One Source Design Studio collaborates with trades people, artisans and craftsmen/women to bring to you the best possible design solution for your home or work environment. Affordable, sustainable and beautiful!

One Source Design Studio is an interior design and decor studio supporting a multidisciplinary approach to design. Inspired by a sensitivity to human needs and a deep regard and fascination with Nature, we begin our creative process looking to Nature as model, measure and mentor. 

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"I wanted my new home to look and feel both comfortable and fun,but was frustrated by my attemplts to achieve this.  I was spending a lot of time and money on shopping, arranging and painting; finding the end result dissapointing and wrong for what I wanted to create.I decided I needed help. Susan, owner and designer of One Source Design Studio, took the time to hear my concerns and frustrations and learn about my vision for my home. What I like about working with Susan is she explains how design works with the style of home I have, and she also supports me during the design process. Spending time talking about design and experiencing  the process has empowered me to slow down, take time to think and be with my new home. I am extremely pleased with the experience and the end result."                Randi O'brien  2010

204 N. Division Suite E, Spokane, WA | 509-570-4284

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